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REVIEW: The Jordan Joseph Ladies Shorts Reviewed by Allie Pugh.

January 19, 2017

It is true that I am a big lover of running gear, and I cannot ever pass by Sports Direct without having a quick look. Invariably, I always come out with something; such is my addiction. It's a bit like being a big kid in a sweet shop. So, when my lovely friends at Jordan Joseph asked me to review their ladies shorts, I leapt at the chance. 


They came wrapped beautifully in their trademark tissue paper, and on first inspection, I noticed just how well they are made. The seams are sewn and finished to a high standard, and one particular detail that stood out was, no irritating labels. There's nothing worse than running along, only to feel an itchy label chaffing away at your skin and getting on your nerves, knowing full well you've got that niggling at you for the next hour or so. The washing instructions etc are discretely situated underneath the back zip pocket, which housed my car key comfortably. 


The other detail I was taken with was the fact that the shorts are designed to hide a multitude of sins, and believe me, after the way I hit the chocolate this Christmas, I seriously needed this function. The pink under-shorts hold everything in adequately but with comfort, and the over-shorts are made of a light but discreet mesh type fabric, which looks stylish, understated, but also sporty and classy. 


The logo along the back doesn't scream at you either. There's nothing worse than running along feeling like you are wearing an advert shouting “SPORTS 4 U” emblazoned in neon colours all over your backside. 


Finally, the overall comfort is exemplary, which is the most important thing. The seams didn't chafe, the drawstring tie at the front was comfortable against my skin, and I didn't come back from my run feeling sweaty either. Another great attention to detail is (and this is completely a girlie thing) the black mesh overlay flutters delicately in the wind as you run, a nice feminine touch there. 


So, marks out of 10? definitely a 10. At £30 I don't think you would get better. A great all rounder where the designers have dotted the I's and crossed the T's.