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The Barge Arse Runner; The Running Community. A #ChasingFitnessStory

December 18, 2016

When I think about the running community, two words spring to mind to describe our fitness family. They are determination, and support. 


As mentioned in previous blogs, I have recently discovered the delights of Twitter, and find it to be a fabulous medium to discuss all manner of topics with people all over the world. 


But what has struck me particularly is the amount of support and camaraderie between runners. Raise a question, make a comment, or ask for help, and a hundred people suddenly appear, all willing to assist you in any way they can, and this is very typical of the running community. 


As an ex actor, this type of togetherness I have not seen since my theatre days, and I retired from that a long time ago. So the genuine friendship offered by perfect strangers is refreshing and uplifting, especially with all the bad things that happen in the world. 


Runners are a breed apart; a different type of human being. Strong willed, determined, courageous, with a little something extra in their psyche. You only have to stand and watch them on race day, coming over the finish line to see that. It's taken months of training to get to that point, sheer dedication and hard work. 


I will never forget the lady runner in a blue wig, who saw me struggling at the very end of the Stroke Association run in October. She came bounding over the field after completing her race, and cheered me on in the last K. Her words of encouragement spurred me on just at the point where my energy levels where all but gone, and I was mentally asking for that little bit extra. Thank you, lady in the blue wig, wherever you are; your support and kindness will never be forgotten. 


So, as we draw to the end of another year, permit me a few thank yous, if you will. 


Thanks to all of you who read my blogs, I'm really grateful for your continued support. Thanks also to my lovely new Twitter, Instagram and Facebook family, you are amazing. Lastly, a great big group hug and squeaky kisses all round to the marvellous team at Jordan Joseph; who gave me the opportunity and confidence to start writing these blogs in the first place. Thanks guys. 


Lastly, it leaves me to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year. Have a great holiday, stay safe, enjoy your holiday runs. See you in 2017! xx

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