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The Barge Arse Runner; Embarrassing Moments. A #ChasingFitnessStory

December 06, 2016

Those embarrassing running moments... We've all had them, right?  


Anyone who knows me well, will tell you that at times, I am a bit scatterbrained, and end up making a complete idiot of myself.  But I put this down to the menopause, which I tend to blame everything for these days.  But the simple truth is, sometimes, my brain goes into La La land and that's when things can go a bit Pete Tong.


Running aside, I've been guilty of the usual awkward moments, like walking through a shopping centre with my skirt tucked in my knickers, and once danced the night away in a club with half a roll of toilet paper stuck to the bottom of my shoe.  So, as you may now gather, I'm really no stranger to embarrassing myself.


What began as a funny and endearing trait in my personality has fast become #awkward to my 8 year old daughter. But I firmly believe that her Father and I were meant to be embarrassing.  Aren't all parents?


Anyway, moving on to those times when we are out running, and for some reason, a really awkward situation arises.  


I do remember a couple of years ago hearing that just before the end of a 10k one runner decided he felt very sick, after eating a cupcake part of the way round, and quickly diverted into what he thought was a wooded area to be ill.  He found himself in someone's heavily populated back garden however, midway through a BBQ.  He promptly threw up in their flower bed, apologised profusely and returned to finish the race.  Now that's got to be up there in the top ten.


I have had a few #awkward runs myself, (of course).  The most recent was back in October, when I was out on my usual route on a very nice sunny day, and around the corner in the opposite direction, came 8 or 9 cyclists.  The lady at the front of the convoy shouted “runner coming down!”.  But I didn't hear it as that.  Oh no.  What I heard was “run her down!” and my lightening reaction made me dive head first into the nearest hedge,  narrowly missing a cattle grid and a five bar gate.  Thankfully, I jumped up, unscathed apart from wearing half the hedge as a hat, and feeling really, REALLY stupid.  Quite why I thought 9 cyclists would actually want to run me down at first meeting, I don't know.  For the tenth time that week, I blamed it on the menopause.


So, come on then running buddies, I would love to hear about your #awkward running experiences,  then I won't feel quite so alone.  Comments welcome below; lets have a bit of a giggle.

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