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The Barge Arse Runner; Children's Fitness; A #ChasingFitnessStory

January 08, 2017


We hear it more and more in the news these days, about obesity in children.  Eating the wrong sort of diet, and leading a sedentary lifestyle.


As a Mother myself, I realise the difficulties in being a parent, and you cannot make your child eat what they really don't like.  Resorting to physically forcing it down their throat is obviously not an option, so a little gentle persuasion always goes a long way in our house, and the “just give it a try” approach has worked well.  My daughter loves a big bowl of muscles because she gave them a go one day.  Patience and determination has certainly paid off on both sides.


It is true that children want to emulate their parents, and after watching me complete charity runs over the last few years, she recently asked if she could tag along when I went training.  I of course encouraged this, and we went out and bought her first running kit very soon after.


Not only does this fill me with pride, as a Mum, to see my child running alongside me, but she is now hooked, and we regularly train together. 


With the increase of obesity in children, there are also the dangers of Diabetes, which can cause all sorts of associated medical conditions.  I only read in the national press yesterday, that obesity was linked also to Dementia, and they were encouraging people to get out there and exercise more for a healthy mind and a healthy body.


You runners out there know only too well the benefits for mind, body and soul.  So many of the running community on Twitter share their heart-warming stories of how running has 'saved them' from all manner of mental issues.


So, I think the moral of the story is, start them young.  Whether it be walking, running, swimming, tennis..........the list is endless of sports they can enjoy, and if it's mixed with a healthy dose of the great outdoors, even better.  Hopefully, it will be a hobby they can enjoy for many years to come.

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