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Team Jordan Joseph's Caroline attends the Boost Event @ 4Motion Dance Studio

January 28, 2018

It’s the first month of 2018 and how many of us have given up on our resolutions already? It’s great that come January 1st we’re full of motivation and good intentions but left-over food, dreary weather and severely depleted bank accounts make it hard to stay disciplined. 
That’s where an event like BOOST can help. This was a local event, set up in association with the ‘This Girl Can’ initiative and with the intention of kick-starting the year with fun fitness, yoga classes and wellbeing guidance. It’s the kind of thing that we all need at this time of year and something I’d highly recommend to get both your personal and your fitness goals going in 2018. 
Whilst we all enjoy running and some of us are even mad enough to sign up for marathons, it’s good to find other forms of exercise that you enjoy. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that if you feel happy doing something, you’re more likely to continue with it. Taking care of yourself and your body really is a foundation for everything, including running. Sorting yourself out this early in the year is bound to have positive effects on your fitness goals for 2018.
My BOOST day took place at 4Motion Dance Studio in the lovely town of Windsor. With the River Thames and the historic Castle as a backdrop, this was a great location and made a ‘mindful walk’ between classes much easier! As all 38 of us started arriving, the brilliant staff did well to keep us warm in the chilly early morning air and the friendly atmosphere was contagious. Women from all backgrounds, all ages and all abilities came together with one common goal - improving their fitness and wellbeing. 
The day consisted of yoga classes, fun filled fitness and dance tuition. The supportive and non-judgemental staff turned near impossible yoga positions and 20+ sit ups into something everyone could enjoy - that’s got to be a skill! The yoga was a moment of calm and reminded us to take some time out to look after our general wellbeing, but also reminded us of muscles that hadn’t been used for a while. I ached far more the day after than I did on completion of my Ultra Challenge last year!  
Adding some yoga and all round fitness to my running plan was something that I wanted to achieve this year and with the help of this BOOST event, that’s now in full flow. As runners we’re all aware of the benefits of certain exercises and hopefully I can be more in tune with what my body needs now rather than neglecting it which is so easy to do in today’s busy society. 
It’s not too late to kick start your fitness plans and try out new things. Beat the January blues and the winter weather by looking forward to the longer, warmer days and reaching the mindset and body you want in time for summer. The hard work invested in these months will be clear to see come marathon season and the summer holidays. Remember, the support is always there - you just have to ask for it. 
Turn January into the month that defines your year and smash those goals!  
Thanks to 4Motion Dance Studio for organising the event and for Jordan Joseph for keeping me warm throughout! 

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