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SUPPORTING YOUR LOCAL RACES. #ChasingFitnessStory by A.V. Turner.

April 26, 2018

Whether it be Parkrun, 10k, tough mudders, colour runs, 5k or charity races, we all have a regular event, running related, near us.  It’s so important to go along and support them, even if you aren’t running, because they can be incredibly enjoyable and uplifting occasions.  


I ran one of our local 10k races twice, and then last year, I marshalled it.  Witnessing it from another point of view was fascinating and rewarding.  Nearly every runner thanked us for keeping them safe, and now I make a habit of doing the same.  Marshalls do a wonderful behind the scenes job of organising, controlling traffic, telling us where to go, shouting words of encouragement and keeping us out of harms way.  A voluntary position of paramount importance.


Two weeks ago, saw our other local 10k celebrating it’s 2nd year.  It was lovely to see an encouraging turn out, more runners, more stalls and lots of community support.  It was well organised, plenty of staff, and so many people lined the streets to cheer us on.  I’m sure you will agree that when you are starting to get tired, thirsty and hallucinating about doughnuts every few yards, that level of support is very welcome indeed.  It was also lovely to see some of my running friends cheering me over the finish line.  I am embarrassed to say that they probably finished before I had even got half way round.


Some beautiful race bling and an impressive goody bag, accompanied by a great T shirt saw me heading off in search of the nearest Greggs.  A strong coffee that would put chairs on the chest of a gorilla, a sausage roll and lemon drizzle doughnut were quickly consumed, and all was well.  It’s certainly one I will do year after year, if they’ll have me, even if the sweeper vehicle has to wait until after dark for me to finish.


In just over a week’s time I do my all time favourite, The Stroke Association Resolution Run at Trentham Gardens.  My 7th year in a row.  A picturesque 5k through some of the most stunning scenery you are ever likely to see.  


So, whether you are a runner or not, these local events are so important to support.  It brings the community together, and makes a great day out for all the family.












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