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Running – The sport that just keeps on giving. By A.V Turner: #ChasingFitnessStory

March 25, 2018

In June, it will be exactly 7 years since I put on my very first pair of running shoes and ventured out the door.



Today, I am in a reflective mood, and would like to share with you what the sport has given me over that time, apart from some minor injuries, and a massive appetite for chips and chocolate.


It is true to say, that I never imagined in a million years that it would bless me with so much positivity and open so many doors.  Apart from the health benefits, mental and physical, and the fact that I have been free from anxiety and depression medication for the full 7 years.  But it has given me so much more than that.


Firstly, I have learned a lot about myself, and how much I am really, truly capable of, and I have heard and spoken to so many runners who have mirrored this fact.  It gives you a new-found confidence in yourself that you never knew you had.


I value the new friends I have made both at home and on social media, they are the most admirable and inspirational bunch of people.


One of the most wonderful things, is that it feeds my creativity as a writer to incredible lengths.  All the plot lines, characters and situations have flooded into my head whilst out running.  Ideas for blogs, cover designs for my books, subject matter for magazine articles, all born from time spent running the lanes and roads near my home.


If it hadn’t been for running, I would never have had the privilege of working for the team at Jordan Joseph, something I take immense pride in, and I can’t wait to meet them all one day.


When I look back over those 7 years, and then see where I am now, I count myself very lucky indeed.  

I am an author of one full length novel, and I have another coming out next month, aimed at encouraging children to start running.  My third book, and 2nd full length novel comes out in Jan 2019, and then I have plans in place for another.  All running related, fictional, but centred around the sport.  You could call me the Dick Francis of the running world.


So, you see the benefits have been immense.  From humble beginnings in cheap trainers, a pair of cut off leggings and my husbands old hoody, and it taking me 45 minutes to run 1 mile; to now.


If I can accomplish all that in just a few short years, who knows where else it will take me.









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