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Running Form. #ChasingFitnessStory by The Barge Arse Runner

June 18, 2017

As I have said many a time, one of the things I love most about running, is that I am constantly learning something new.  It is an ever-changing enigma, and one that keeps us continually fascinated with the sport.



This week, I have been watching Youtube videos on half marathon training, and also, running form.  The latter is a subject that has long interested me.


So, what is the correct “Running Form”?


I think we are all guilty at some time or other, of just letting gravity take over.  I know at the end of a race, when I’m sweaty and knackered, the last thing on my mind is keeping my head up, and back straight.  Priority is always getting over the finish line, and heading to the nearest coffee stall where they will feed me cake and biscuits.


I found very informative videos by some amazing runners on Youtube, and after watching 4 or 5 films, I decided to put into practice what I had learnt.  My Monday run with my best friend saw us on a very pleasant 7k along the canal.  As a new runner, she was also interested in correct form, or technique.


It is true, that when you watch other runners, you will see all manner of running styles, and everyone is different.  There is of course the train of thought that what works for one person, doesn’t necessarily work for another, and that is where our individuality comes in.  But on a personal level, I was looking to improve.


A straight back, head up, arms lightly brushing the rib cage, chest very slightly forward, and most importantly, mid foot strike.  Now this was a big wake up call for us.  We had become a little complacent of late, and had taken to landing heel first, and almost shuffling along like two arthritic pensioners.


We had to concentrate on our revised form initially, but it quickly became easier, and after 3 or 4k, we had settled into the new routine very well.  Our 5k became a comfortable 7 and we agreed that the advice helped enormously.


Today, my legs are a little sore, so some foam rollering is in order.  But revising technique was just what I needed.  I had become complacent, and needed pulling up a notch.  Something that all of us need from time to time, not just in running, but life generally.  It is that old saying “there is always room for improvement”.  How right that is.




The “Barge Arse Runner” is also author of a series of fictional running books.  “Snow on the Road” is available now on Amazon and her second book “Snow’s Angels” will be published at the end of June.  Her Facebook page AV Turner Author is updated regularly with information and she can also be found on Twitter and Instagram.  



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