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"Running Form" A #ChasingFitnessStory from Allie V Pugh

August 13, 2017

So, this week, I’m going to be talking about style.  Now this may or may not be a proper running term, but bear with me. I often make up my own phrases for things.


In past blogs, I have talked many times about our individuality.  Not only are we all unique as human beings, but we are also completely different, as runners.


You know how it is, you’re running along, and you’re thinking “I bet I look a bit like Jessica Ennis-Hill” or “I bet if someone took a picture of me now, I’d look really sporty like Mo Farrah”…. and you drift off into your own little world, until the race photos come back and you look nothing like either of them whatsoever.


As a writer, I do take a lot of photographs for social media.  Recently, I asked my daughter to get some shots of me running.  She had to take several, I might add, because I looked absolutely awful in each and every one of them. I looked like Larry Grayson after a heavy night on the pop, legs and arms all over the place.


Which got me thinking about running style.


If you stand at the back of the start line on race day (as I do, because I’m a really slow runner and don’t like to get in anybody’s way) you will see different shapes, sizes and abilities.  Part way through a race and you start to notice different styles.  I once did a 5k where a young tall woman would sprint past me at breakneck speed, then stop, exhausted, wait a few moments, and then do the same again.  One guy, who must have been in his 60’s shuffled along behind me like a snail in wellies.  I like to quietly observe people, it’s so interesting.  I do of course envy those wonderful people who bounce along like gazelles, heads held high disappearing into the distance and not even breaking a sweat at the finish line.  Awesome.  


Even though I must look like a slug running through marmite at every race, I guess it really doesn’t matter.


Despite the fact that we all have our own individual style, we get there in the end.  I often think, how are they possibly going to get over the finish line?  But you know what?  They do.  Every time.




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