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New Year, New Challenges - A.V Turner. #ChasingFitnessStory

January 19, 2019

Happy New Year folks.  I hope you all had a stress free and enjoyable festive period.  If you are anything like me, it went in a flash, but the relaxation time seemed to last forever, and was very hard to get out of.




The sloth in me stuck for weeks, refusing to budge, until finally I had to admit defeat and join everyone else in getting back to normality, and remove myself forcibly from the sofa and a large box of biscuits.


Getting back into running can be a challenge. This week sees my first run for a while, but I am very much looking forward to it.  My body is telling me that a run is overdue, and much needed.  Which then makes me think about races and challenges I want to set myself for the coming year………………….


2018 saw 5 or 6 10k’s one very cold 5k and of course, my first half marathon.  I swore immediately afterwards I would never do another one, but of course I will.  Lake Vyrnwy half is absolutely lovely, fairly flat, picturesque and there is no cut off time. Perfect for a little shuffler like myself.


There will be the usual favourite 10ks, and possibly a turkey trot at Christmas time.  But what does interest me greatly, is the now famous Windsor Half, in September. 


I am a huge fan of Chris Evans and his breakfast show, now transferred to Virgin Radio from Radio 2, and his running co-host Vassos Alexander. These two have virtually sold this race to me just by talking about it and saying how wonderful it is.  Race day is not until the end of September, so the training is certainly achievable between now and then. 


Set in the grounds of Windsor Great Park, it starts and finishes in the shadow of Windsor Castle, and the course is through the woods, which includes some major historic sites.  It promises a fairly flat run too, what’s not to love?


Of course, an overnight stay in a nice hotel would be in order (tough job, but someone has to do it).  A post run shower in one of those baths the size of a swimming pool has its appeal.


In the meantime though, it’s time to get my backside in gear and get back on the road.  The sloth must be replaced by something resembling a gazelle in tights.  It would be nice to increase my speed this year too.  So, lots of challenges ahead for 2019.


Roll on spring, and some warmer weather.  Must put a padlock on that bumper pack of chocolate biscuits though. 



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