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"Mojo to Nojo" #ChasingFitnessStory by The Barge Arse Runner

April 02, 2017


I have just looked up the true meaning of the word 'mojo' in the modern dictionary.  It is described as "a quality that attracts people to you, and makes you successful and full of energy" or "An ability to bounce back from a debilitating trauma or negative attitude". We can safely say then, it is when our bodies are feeling a little out of sync at the time we have lost it; the bounce has gone out of our bungee, so to speak.


So, as runners, there comes a time when our mojo becomes a "no-jo", and it happens to us all.  But what causes it, and how do we get it back?


Having read many blogs and social media posts from runners all over the world, it would seem the causes are varied, and regaining our mojo sometimes tricky and slow.


Injury of course can play a big factor, as can the weather, our general health; mental and physical, and sometimes, it's just plain old boredom that makes us just want to stop indoors, eat chocolate and watch our bottoms expand.  The saying "I just can't be bothered today" must be repeated over and over by many, followed by a big sigh.


I am guilty of being mojo-less on occasion, and the yearning for coffee, chocolate and the sofa is sometimes too much.  This can go on for days.  The thought of dragging my sorry backside upstairs to put on my running kit and hit the lanes is too much like hard work, and quite frankly I'm too tired and can't be arsed.


But as I have said many a time before, runners are a different breed to everyone else. Something suddenly clicks in our brains and we head off outside in search of synchronicity with our minds, bodies and souls, and we almost always invariably find it.


It gives me a warm feeling all over when I see the happy smiling face of a runner enjoying what they love best, and the caption underneath saying "Found my mojo again".  


Whether it be the lure of a beautiful sunny day, feeling better after illness, recovering from an injury, or simply getting back your motivation, once back out there and in the zone, there's simply nothing like it.

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