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Hot Weather Running By Allie V Pugh. #ChasingFitnessStory

September 03, 2017

Now, I love a nice hot sunny day as much as the next woman, especially if I’m either lying on the beach, or soaking up the rays in my back garden.  Running in it, however, well that’s a whole different ball game.


Last weekend, I needed to do a long run, as part of my training for an upcoming 10k, but it was 24 degrees outside, and not a cloud, or a breeze in sight.


It is the same with many runners I am sure, that this heady combination does not mix particularly well.


High temperatures can make a run feel like doubly hard work.  There you are, trudging away, like a snail in a fur coat, and each mile feels like ten.  The sweat drips down your forehead and off the end of your nose, and if you happen to catch sight of yourself in one of those traffic mirrors, your face is the colour of the Ribena man.  You arrive home, knackered, uncomfortable, with skin so salty you could cover your chips with it.


So, what to do?  As I am not a morning person (how did you guess?) I prefer to go early evening when the heat of the day has subsided.  Just before it gets dark is the best time.  If you are a morning person, then an early one is just as good.  If you really can’t avoid it, try running a route which is tree lined, so at least you have a little shade to keep you cool.


This Sunday I am doing a 10k around an air field at our local RAF base.  It promises to be great fun and I am really looking forward to it.  We are hoping of course for a dry day with a good breeze, and just a little cloud, but if it’s another scorcher, I will treat each water station as a makeshift shower, choosing to tip it all over my head as well as drinking it.  I find it helps to cool me down.


Staying hydrated is of course imperative, so my bag is packed ready full of Clif Bloks (a great little find from my local Tesco.  They are cubes of jelly in some rather nice flavours, which will keep you going until you finish) and a water bottle full of weak cordial.  I did try the gels last week, but found the consistency a bit of a challenge.


For those of you who love a hot weather run; enjoy.  Everywhere looks so beautiful on a sunny day.


Personally, I’m looking forward to the cooler crisp Autumnal trips out, with just a subtle hint of the whiff of a bonfire……………….


Happy running everyone.







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