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GETTING STARTED; A #ChasingFitnessStory by the Barge Arse Runner

February 04, 2017

There's always that moment for every runner, those knee trembling steps out of the door for the very first time.


It's safe to say, your initial run outdoors where everyone can see you is the worst.  So, this week, I'm going to share with you a few tips to help you get out on the road.


If you are particularly self conscious (as I certainly was) try some gentle jogging on the WiFit if you have one.  I spent several evenings jogging on the spot following the little man round his virtual course.  It helped me get a bit of a rhythm, and also find out which of my wobbly bits were jiggling about a little too much.  A bit of carefully arranged clothing can always sort that one out.


Remember that although you might think that everyone is watching you, they actually aren't.   There's probably no curtain twitching happening at all.  Once you've been out a few times, you won't even think about it any more.  If you are really desperate, a pair of sunglasses and a hat will make you feel less conspicuous. 


Now then. Kit.  This is immensely important.  Go out and treat yourself to :


  • A good sports bra (if you are female). 
  • Some cheap but comfortable trainers (you can always upgrade if you want to carry on, but you haven't spent a fortune if you decide it's not for you).
  • A T shirt that isn't cotton.  This is because cotton holds onto sweat like lead, and if you are standing around in a sweaty T shirt, you can very quickly develop a chill, which can then lead to chest problems.
  • A long sleeved running top for those chilly days.
  • A pair of cheap running tights.
  • A good pair of sport socks.  These will guard against painful blisters.  There's nothing worse than your feet sliding around in crap socks.
  • A fluorescent gilet, always make sure you are bright and can be seen by other road users.
  • A running belt, to store your key and a mobile phone.  Don't leave home without it.


On cold, dull days, it's very tempting not to run.  If we have the choice between staying at home or kitting up and heading out, there's no prizes for which one we'd most likely choose.  So, my routine is very simple.  I put my kit on the radiator in the bathroom (which happens to be the warmest room in our house) for about 10 minutes.  I quickly get changed into my gear, and pop on a beanie, by which time I'm warm as toast.


Finally, decide on your route before you go, and stick to it.  If you walk a bit and run a bit that's fine.  Remember to enjoy it and stay safe, hopefully it will be the start of something you can enjoy for years to come.

Here at Jordan Joseph we always love hearing what advice Allie can pass our way. If you are looking to start running get in touch by commenting below.



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