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Getting Back Your Mojo by A.V. Turner #ChasingFitnessStory

October 08, 2018 1 Comment


You know how it is, you’ve trained for months on end for the big ultimate race, be it 10k, half or full marathon.  You’ve completed it, got your medal and T-shirt and eaten your own body weight in food afterwards.  It’s the greatest feeling ever.


So it was for myself and Pam.  We had done it.  Our very first half marathon.  We were knackered, proud and hungry.  We celebrated for days afterwards, looking lovingly at our medals wearing big beaming smiles.


But what we didn’t see coming, was the mental battle to keep our mojo going for our running, going forward.


We had hit the “achieved our ultimate running goal” wall.  “What now?”


Personally speaking, the anti-climax hit me pretty fast, about a week after the half.  Yes I was proud of myself, and yes I had actually just ran a half marathon, which I had been planning for the best part of a year. So, where to now?


I felt like I was in limbo land and had lost my running mojo completely.


I dragged myself out for a run one Thursday morning with my buddy and we discussed this weird feeling at length.


After a very pleasant 5k around our favourite route we had the answer. 


Get ourselves booked on another race as soon as, but just a nice 10k somewhere local.


I am happy to say it worked for me, getting straight back into another race, and my mojo has finally returned.


So, if you are hit by the anti-climax bug after a big race, try and get yourself booked on another one fairly soon after. 


Hopefully, that way your mojo won’t turn nojo.








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