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Ben Mandeville's #ChasingFitnessStory; 'My Fitness'

October 12, 2016


So my training has come to a bit of a stand still whilst I battle tonsillitis and a lower back injury. I have kept mobile so my back doesn’t seize up but running wise I’m pretty limited. I have been eating more which is good and been focusing more on not necessarily eating a larger breakfast but eating a better one, avoiding big cereal companies and focusing on oats or bircher mixes is the best to keep energy up. My diet as always been good thanks to good old mum and her classic home cooking, and I’m proud to say that I have always eaten my ‘5 a day’. I must say that I am most interested in motivation and running increases my daily motivation and increases my mood, being part of a sports course at a local college means I learn about the psychology of sport and in particular about the different types of motivation and mood. 


In simple terms, sport increases the amount of endorphins released into the blood. Endorphins are hormones which are described by the Cambridge dictionary as ‘’a chemical naturally, released in the brain to reduce pain, that in large amounts can make you feel relaxed or full of energy’’ so basically, the more sport we do the happier we should feel! Which I totally agree with and genuinely can relate to. I conquered a big run around 8 days ago which took me about 2 hours and 10 minutes, I don’t know how far this run was but it consisted of running from Northam, around Appledore then around westward ho! Down to east – the - water and back to Northam. I am excited by this as it was the first ‘real’ run I had completed in several years and even though my muscles were tired I had the mental attitude and internal (or intrinsic) motivation to go out again! Although I knew physically it would not be a good idea so I stayed indoors to recover and eat. But that aspect of running is where the running bug comes from. The feeling of motivation, that you can go further and happiness is why sport should be encouraged to all ages. Get outdoors, get out of bed 30 minutes earlier to make time for that run! Want to achieve something amazing? Get the motivation from that run!

To [roughly] quote a motivational speaker from America who I’ve heard many times but never known his name:

‘While you’re in bed, while you’re asleep, someone somewhere is succeeding. Someone somewhere is beating you. And someone somewhere is working to achieve something you wish you could. Lie in? No. WORK OUT.’

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