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A Different Kind of Cross Training #ChasingFitnessStory by A.V Turner

April 02, 2019



The benefits of Archery for the runner



Just after Christmas, and our panto run came to an end, our Dame (who is also an archery instructor) mentioned that he was setting up a new beginner’s class.  In truth, it is not a sport I have ever thought about trying, although I always admire someone who can fire an arrow accurately.


My other half had some experience with a cross bow, long bow and industrial strength catapult, but my daughter and myself had only briefly had a go at a medieval fair.


So it was then, that we decided to give it a try, and enrolled on the beginner’s course in early March.  I have to admit that I had no idea that this gentle sport actually builds up core strength, muscle in the arms and torso, and in a two hour session, you burn approximately 600 calories.  At this point, my ears pricked up.  It was most certainly a win/win situation.


Two days after our first lesson, my stomach muscles were protesting every time I laughed, coughed or sneezed.  Testament then, that my core was indeed being worked hard.


There is a huge amount of skill involved, a steady hand, good posture and above all, you must be completely relaxed when you pull the string.  It is, as our instructor says, a sport of relaxation.  This is excellent for an anxiety sufferer like myself.


It will be quite a long time before we are shooting the pips out of apples, but it is immensely enjoyable and great fun.  That coupled with the 600 calories, AND the core strength, well, what could be better?


As far as running is concerned, it most certainly has improved my breathing and stamina.  Two weeks ago, we all passed our beginner’s course, and are now proud owners of a certificate and a heavier bow.


Sometimes, cross training which in turn can help your running form and technique can come in some surprising disguises.  


Archery is definitely something we will be doing long into the future, a great sport for all the family to enjoy.










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