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Winter Workout: 5 Effective Fitness Activities

November 18, 2017

Wintertime is that time of the year when all of your fitness plans, goals, and resolutions are put to the test. The cold, dreary weather can easily inspire you to do nothing more during the day but go to work, sleep, and drink hot cocoa. Unfortunately, this type of change in your lifestyle can be detrimental to your health, mental and physical well-being, and of course, your hard-earned physique.

While the weather itself is everything but inspiring, there are certain tweaks and changes you can make to your fitness routine to muster up the strength and unyielding resolve that will help you reach new goals this winter season and stay active, healthy, and vibrant. Here are the five most effective winter fitness activities.

Embrace the cold

You might not have given it a serious thought before, but wintertime is actually a wonderful time to go out for a rejuvenating and exhilarating run, but only if you’re smart about your training and you take the necessary precautions before stepping out into the cold.

When going out for a winter run, you not only need to make sure you’re properly warmed up and hydrated, but you also need to stay warm during your workout by wearing outdoor apparel such as tights, undershirts, sweatshirts and a versatile Year Jacket on top that will help keep you warm during your run.

Add variety with cross training

With all the monotony and winter blues that tend to settle in during the colder seasons, you want to add a bit of variety to your fitness routine, and there is no better way to spice things up than to take on a new and exciting challenge every single week.

So make the last day of your training split all about variety and switch out your usual training split that day for a fun activity you’ve never tried or rarely find the time for, such as ice skating, calisthenics training in the park, outdoor HIIT training, and even hockey! The possibilities are numerous - just dare to step out of your comfort zone.

Give the heavy bag a good pounding

Just because outdoor winter training is fun and challenging, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spice up your gym routine as well. After all, there’s only so much training in the cold that the human body can withstand before it becomes taxing on the mind, body, and soul.

You want to keep your heart rate up and keep burning those extra calories, and one of the best cardio substitutes is to give the heavy bag at your gym a proper pounding. Remember that even though you’re in a closed environment you should always try to stay warm and flexible, so your trusty men’s running tights will be more than enough to keep your lower body safe, but you also want to wear a breathable compression shirt as well to keep the blood flowing.

Spice up your gym routine

Speaking of spicing it up in the gym, the winter is the perfect season to refresh your weekly training split and start following a new programme. This will help boost your morale, keep your spirits up through those cold, grey days, and help you reach new fitness goals.

Fortunately, you don’t need to replace every single thing in your programme, just restructure and switch out the movements you no longer feel like doing with more exciting exercises that will bring the same physical benefits but also inspire you to keep coming to the gym.

Dance the cold away

Finally, there is nothing quite like dancing the winter blues away. Dancing is a supplementary activity rather than the main one, so you want to add a couple of sessions per week on your off days to keep your morale up and keep your body moving.

It’s easy to become a couch potato on the days when you’re not working out, so squeezing in a couple of dance-inspired workout sessions into your weekly schedule can do wonders for your daily energy levels and ensure you feel invigorated, healthy, and productive.

If you’re inherently a winter lover, you will have no problems finding numerous activities to elevate your workout routine, but if you’re someone who is struggling to find inspiration and motivation during the colder seasons, you want to use these essential tips to make your transition a breeze.


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