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5 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Fitness Lovers by Peter Minkoff

February 06, 2018



Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us, and anticipation can be almost felt in the air. Instead of rejoicing, though, many people bust their heads trying to figure out a perfect gift for the loved one. 

Well, if the other person is a fitness lover or shows a tendency to become one, you can narrow down your choice. Purchase something that will empower the special someone to go down the fitness road. It is time to look beyond overused clichés like chocolates and jewelry. So, how about something lovely and healthy at the same time? 

An active vacation 

There is nothing wrong with sitting around on the beach and dipping your toes in the turquoise water. Well, except that it is not the most active way to spend your time together. So, I would prompt you to embrace a different approach and plan a short active vacation. 

If you do want to stick to coastal flavor, go on a surf weekend. Alternatively, head for the mountains and try out skiing, climbing, or hiking spas. Do online research to find an amazing getaway. You can push yourselves to the limit and then, at the end of the day, unwind while enjoying mesmerizing, sunset-soaked scenery. 

Fitness shorts 

Picking a fitness-related gift usually comes down to functionality. Workout apparel pops into mind first and indeed, something like nice workout shorts always does the trick. Pieces of equipment such as these play a crucial role by supporting workout routines and enabling a freedom of movement. You think this gift is not romantic enough? 

I would say you have to think again. Activewear design is constantly evolving, and it is definitely possible to find something that blends great aesthetics and prime functionality. Look for unique design, but also storage pockets and quality materials that let the skin breathe. 

Group program membership 

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There is no end to excuses when it comes to dodging physical activity. If your significant other constantly speaks about doing it but needs a small push, then group training membership is a great choice. For instance, a caring husband can surprise a busy mom with a mums and bubs fitness program

It is tailored to women who seek to lose some weight, melt away the stress, boost cardiovascular health, preserve muscle strength, and generally stay active. This program can act as a driving force behind making a positive change and building a new, healthy lifestyle. 

Outdoor workout jacket 

This one comes in handy when embarking on outdoor fitness adventures. It is a no-brainer if you have someone who rather hits hiking trails then gyms: gloomy and bad weather will be eliminated from the list of obstacles and fitness routine killers. 

It is best to find a jacket that has pockets for a smartphone and other gadgets. It should also be warm enough, preferably with thermal properties and high neck. Don’t skimp on this gift and opt for a quality product that can be combined with the rest of the fitness assortment. Keep your partner warm during the colder part of the year and have never-ending gratitude as a reward. 

Fitness tracker 

Wearable trackers are all the rage right now. There are various models that help fitness enthusiasts stay on tracks and avoid losing focus or momentum. Namely, with the help of a dedicated app, you can check your BMI, weight, lean mass, and body fat percentage. 

There is something really encouraging about seeing exactly how your efforts pay off. The device can track sleep habits as well and wirelessly syncs to mobile devices or a computer. It also helps that it looks cool when worn around the ankle. So, you cannot go wrong with this marvel of modern wearable tech. 

Rewards of the healthy love 


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we start to explore all gift options available. Traditional staples like flowers are fine, but they are not surprising and useful in any way. Why play it safe when you can blow someone away by thinking outside the box? 

If you ask me, there is no better way to make a romantic statement than to support someone’s passion for fitness. Instead of feeding chocolates and sweets to your partner, you can give them a head start in 2018. Rest assured that a healthy and thoughtful gift is the best kind of gift there is. 

Oh, and just one final reminder— you might want to step up as well instead of falling behind your partner. 

 This blog was written by Peter Minkoff 



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